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What is AutoACME?

AutoACME is simple and free batch client for Let's Encrypt certificate authority, and possibly any other certificate authorities using the ACME protocol. It runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and newer and Internet Information Services, platform not supported by the official client.

AutoACME has the following features:


Why you created AutoACME, when there already is letsencrypt-win-simple and other solutions?
I found letsencrypt-win-simple and all other soluctions cumbersome and unreliable for fully autonomous scenarios. All solutions I know about require manual intervention or modification of web sites under certain circumstances. AutoACME uses URL rewriting configured outside the web sites to handle verification requests. It also does not modify IIS configuration, plays nice with web farms etc.
What does 'Fully automated operation after initial setup' mean?
AutoACME can be setup in such a way that it will automatically add HTTPS capabilities to any and all web sites running on single IIS server or entire web farm. After initial configuration, everything works automatically. You only need to create regular web site (manually or automatically) and AutoACME can take care about the rest.
How I can get AutoACME?
Download the latest release from GitHub.
How I can deploy AutoACME?
Read the Getting Started guide on project wiki.
Does AutoACME support SAN (multiple host names) or wildcard certificates?
No. SAN might be supported in future, wildcards almost certainly no. See FAQ for explanation.
Do you accept pull requests?
Yes I do.
Do you accept tips and donations?
Yes I happily do, you can use PayPal for them.
Why the anvil in AutoACME logo and road scenery background?
When I was young, I grew up on WB cartoons where the Wile E. Coyote chased the Road Runner, using various technological means supplied by the ACME corporation. Their trademark item was a very heavy anvil. The anvil in AutoACME logo is intended to honor Mr. Coyote, who never caught the bird, but who I always supported wholeheartedly, because the bird annoyed me.
Who are you?
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional My name is Michal Altair Valášek and I'm software developer, writer, maker and security consultant living in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. For more information see
Since 2004 I'm Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Visual Studio and Development Technologies.